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In loving memory of Bob Kearney (Dr. Santos' grandfather)
Dave and Marlene Murphy
Betty and Wally Ray
Mike and Roylene Bonander

In loving memory of ALL ANIMALS
Judy Moran

In loving memory of Tinker, Heather's angel who saved her from breast cancer
Rebecca and Gary Asai

In loving memory of ALL DOGS
Pedigree Foundation

In memory of Jo Ann Ladd
Rachel Ladd
Ingrid Redmon
Janice Alexander
Patricia Harrington
Betty Jean Reynolds
Sandie Sing
Paula Amaral
Bernice Ramsey
Roberta Ramey
Dolores Steves
Kristen & Robert Santos

In memory of Barbara McAtee
Brenda Echols
Marlene Bankson

In loving memory of Todd
Louise Reed

In loving Memory of Buddy, Mac, Gracie, kitty, & Maggie
Rebecca Asai

In memory of Bob Borg
Marlene Bankson

In loving memory of Snowy and Suzy
Daniel and Rhonda Frisch

In loving memory of Jackie Wenstrand
Barbara Wright
Justin & Jolynn Mason
Donald & Alison Wenstrand
Gary & Susan Chronert
Steve & Julie Miguel
Bob & Mary Moore
Roland & Edie Ferrari
Leland & Myla McFarland
Judy Moore
Sally Young

In loving memory of William Hartzell
Turlock Eye Optometric Corp
Roy & Lupe Haley
Jennie Lebow
Gordon & Katherine Keane
Patricia & Tracy Sunde

In loving memory of Bill Diaz
Jeri Tresler

In loving memory of Boo-Chow Taz
Steve and Lori Faries

Special Donations

Thanks to all who donate to the United Way of Stanislaus County

Makenzie Salyer, for her ongoing dedication to help the animals in Turlock by recycling

Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital

Toni Jurevich (Retirement)
From all co-workers

Art Dagemjian

Garry and Nancy Pedersen

Charles and Marian Ivazian

Nancy Drury

John and Shelly Devlin

Jerry and Jo Ann Najarian

Barbagelata Real Estate

Cortez Growers Association, INC

Hillberg & Co

Carl and Betty Hillberg

Berj and Dee Dee Moosekian

Darrel and Carol Haile

Roy Collins

Ellen Monk

Freda Hicks

Yosemite Farm Credit, ACA

Jessie Espinosa Enterprises, INC

John and Lee Anne Pinkerton